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You are students at the prestigious Monster Hunters Academy and apprenticed to Professor Brunwaldo Corso, who befalls a horrible fate. With his last breath, he tasks you with defeating a mythical creature. With the beast on your heels, you return to the hut and set a protection spell which will disguise you for 60 minutes. Can you beat the clock and avenge Professor Corso?

Difficulty: Medium

Challenge Level: Medium

2-8 Players


Recommended ages: 10+ with parent participation

Awarded Best Live Hosted Game of 2021

"Highly recommend getting some friends together to play this game!"

"This game was amazing and definitely one of the better audio escape rooms I have done. It hit all the right chords for me; the artwork, the story, the GM interaction and her role-playing. I would highly recommend getting some friends together and doing this game! I can't wait to try out their other games!"